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UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine/University at Buffalo Concussion Clinic
The Concussion Clinic provides evaluation and treatment for individuals suffering from a recent concussion and from post-concussion syndrome. Our internationally recognized experts are the most experienced in Western New York for evaluating patients with concussion and developing a safe return-to-activity (sport or work) program.
For those who experience prolonged symptoms after concussion, called post-concussion syndrome, our scientifically-validated treatment approach has been shown to be safe and effective for reducing symptoms and returning patients to their usual activities. It uses a carefully constructed exercise program tailored specifically to each patient.
We are currently the only concussion clinic using this scientifically-validated exercise-based protocol to evaluate concussions and to treat post-concussion syndrome. We also have computerized cognitive testing to help decide when athletes are ready to return to play.
Our concussion treatment program is unique and the most comprehensive in Western New York. It is based on cutting edge research developed at the University at Buffalo by John Leddy, M.D. and Barry Willer, Ph.D. This treatment approach is based on a view of post-concussion syndrome as a whole body problem rather than just a problem with the brain.

Barry Willer, Ph.D. (left) and John Leddy, M.D.
All important aspects of human function are regulated in some way by the brain. A concussion causes a disruption of these regulatory functions, and the patient experiences the concussion in the abdomen (nausea), the heart (irregular heart function), the liver (changes in the metabolism of medications) and the vestibular system (dizziness). Our treatment, for those with prolonged symptoms, is aimed at restoring the regulatory functions of the brain through carefully monitored exercise. Patients seeking treatment at the clinic will need to provide a referral from their primary care physician.
The UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine/University at Buffalo Concussion Clinic is the most comprehensive in Western New York, and uses a multidisciplinary approach. Patients will see both a physician and a neuropsychologist. Neuropsychologists specialize in brain and behavior relationships, and they help to assess and manage concussions. Depending on insurance coverage, this may involve an additional co-pay. In addition, many patients will take a computer test that measures memory and concentration. Athletes can also take the test before the season to establish a baseline to serve as a comparison to any future tests.